The Company

MDR Advisory Group is a Swiss company based in Lugano which, having joined Andersen Global, operates since September 2016 as Andersen Tax.

Andersen Tax in Lugano is active in providing tax advice, both national and international, to individuals and legal entities, in business consulting and in human resource management.

Andersen Tax in Lugano was founded by some specialized partners, who took on a new, stimulating professional challenge, after gaining a broad and well-established experience in the field of tax and corporate consultancy as well as in HR management, as employees of important companies operating mainly in Lugano.

Andersen Tax in Lugano with a staff of approximately twenty people (among Partners and employees) - is able to satisfy the most specific requests in the field of tax, corporate and HR management.

Andersen Tax in Lugano operates directly in Switzerland and in the main European financial market through the well-established association of dynamic and skilled member firms of Andersen Global.